Expert Witness Specialization

First party commercial property insurance, including underwriting, risk evaluation, pricing, catastrophe modeling, underwriting guidelines, loss control and all property coverages.

Expert Witness Experience
I have been retained as an expert in a number of cases by insurance companies and insureds. Please contact me for information on the cases.

Out of Scope
I do not have expertise in the following lines of insurance:

Third party coverage such as General Liability and Excess Liability
Professional Liability, E&O
Director’s and  Officers
Worker’s Compensation
Surety, Crime.

Market Segments
My broad market experience allows me to audit the entire spectrum of property market segments, such as Global, National Property, Shared and Layered, E&S, Middle Market and Homeowner's. I developed "Best Practice" guidelines to evaluate the quality of the underwriting in each market segment.   

Unique Qualifications
My background in loss control engineering allows me to audit highly technical underwriting operations including Highly Protected Risk (HPR) companies. Various loss expectancy measurements such as EML, MFL, PML, and NLE are reviewed and analyzed. Finally, I have extensive experience in catastrophe modeling and the impact on price and risk selection.