Lighthouse Consulting LLC

Expert Witness Specialization

First party commercial property insurance, including underwriting, risk evaluation, pricing, catastrophe modeling, underwriting guidelines, loss control and all property coverages.


Over forty years of commercial property experience, including underwriting, brokerage, and loss control. Click here for my full CV.  

Unique Qualifications

  • Active in the property insurance market: My principal business is to provide property underwriting audits on U.S. insurance companies on behalf of their Bermuda reinsurance partners. I have current knowledge of property market conditions and underwriting practices;

  • Auditing requires me to assess underwriting practices: My reinsurance clients require an evaluation of the property underwriting and pricing practices of their cedents. I am able to speak authoritatively on these practices in any commercial market segment and decide if they are within reason;

  • Professional experience includes public speaking and large group training: I can communicate effectively with non-insurance audiences. ​

Expert Witness Experience
I have been retained as an expert in a number of cases by insurance companies and insureds. Please contact me for information on the cases.

Out of Scope

I do not have expertise in the following lines of insurance:

  • Third party coverage such as General Liability and Excess Liability
  • Professional Liability, E&O
  • Automobile
  • Director’s and  Officers
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Surety, Crime.