Classes/types of business that are regularly audited
Technical Risks, including on shore energy;
Global and multi-national programs;
National accounts;
Excess and Surplus lines;
Shared and layered programs;
Middle market business;
Facultative Reinsurers;
Property-driven MGA programs

Types of Audits
Below are several types of audits offered for reinsurers and insurers. Click the link for more details. 

Underwriting Audits
Catastrophe Data Quality Audits
Florida Homeowner's Operational Audits

Property Claims

Audit Goals

Before every new assignment we work with our clients to develop a scope document that details the goals and objectives for the audit. Reinsurance treaty audits are typically done to validate the submission, and to ensure that the cedant is observing Best Practices. As one client said, "does the video match the audio". 

My personal goal in auditing is to provide value to my reinsurance client and the company being audited. I have broad industry experience, and can offer helpful observations. 

​Market Segments

My broad market experience allows me to audit the entire spectrum of property market segments, such as Global, National Property, Shared and Layered, E&S, Middle Market and Homeowner's. I developed "Best Practice" guidelines to evaluate the quality of the underwriting in each market segment.  

Unique Qualifications

My background in loss control engineering allows me to audit highly technical underwriting operations including Highly Protected Risk (HPR) companies. Various loss expectancy measurements such as EML, MFL, PML, and NLE are reviewed and analyzed. Finally, I have extensive experience in catastrophe modeling and the impact on price and risk selection. 

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